Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What else do we have in our farm??

Besides vegetables and fruits, we do rear chicken... duck... goose...
We sell the ayam karan ... 'electric chicken'? Sound weird ya.. through direct translation. Don't know what it is call in real scientific name... Just now, i come to know in Indonesia that... ayam karan is call 'ayam sayur' in Cirebon.
We sell the chicken to our regular chinese customer... This chicken eat corn and been take good care by one of our workers.. pak Panjang...because they also give the chicken to drink milk and glucose.. reason is to prevent the chicken weak and make them healthy... This chicken is free from any injection... that why the price is bit expensive compare to the general market price chicken...

Oh ya... forget to introduce... the man in the pictures is my worker called 'Pak Panjang'.. Why Panjang? Look at his body.. thin and tall... Panjang kan???
He is one of the workers in charge of the chicken..

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