Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Dragon fruit

The day I am waiting finally come.. I am waiting for this dragon Fruit trees to bear flower and fruit... what made me dissapointed is I always miss its flower... I know the flower is white and big in shape... Who ever are interest to see the flower can see at

Growing Environment: Dragon Fruit grows best in dry, tropical or subtropical climates where annual rainfall ranges from 20-50" per year. In wet, tropical zones, plants may grow well but sometimes have problems setting fruit reliably. The plants aren't usually too picky as to soil type, but because of their epiphytic nature, it is recommended to grow them in soil that is supplemented with high amounts of organic material. The plant has been grown successfully in sandy soils. Shade is sometimes provided in hot climates.

There are 2 colours inside as far as i know.. the greyish and the maroon bright... Personally for me, I like the red colour compare to the greyish.....

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