Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pokok Cempedak

Cempedak, the smaller cousin of the well-known, jackfruit. It adopts the Malay name as it does not have an English name. It is a seasonal fruit native to southeast Asia.

Cempedak looks similar to the jackfruit except that it is much smaller in size but it is large in comparison to other fruits. It is also sweeter, stickier and with a strong odor when it is ripe.You will know when it is ripe as it will emit a strong odor that fills the room, similar to the durian. It will turn light green with dark brown spots appearing on several of the flattened studs. It is also slightly sticky when you touch it due to the secretion of latex through the rind.

Common Name: Cempedak
Vernacular Name: Chempedak
Scientific Name: Artocarpus champeden

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