Friday, 3 June 2011

Jelly with Mango and Dragon fruit flavor

Due to my boredom, I did manage to come out with some new ideas of my own in doing the Jelly. Luckily, in my refrigerator, there are some mango juices. Then come to my ideas of making some mango jelly together with the original dragon fruit fresh for the second layer. I am always fond of jelly... and pudding... but mostly, I bought it from the shop and cafe because it is more convenient and easy.. I know how to make a good jelly but it take times...

Lastly, I managed to do this jelly... but this is not for sale... this is for me, family and friends in the market. At least there is something different from the routine life. I will sell it next time with different packaging but with the same dragon fruit as the main flavor.

blank dragon fruit

add Mango Jelly as base layer

Top up with dragon fruit Jelly

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