Monday, 2 January 2012

Durian season

This year we had less durian, we only have Durian Monthong and also Durian Chanee. The other species like: Durian Otak Udang, Durian Kuning and Polo is not available. Because of the carelessness and lack of workers, this year, all the durian production is NOT FOR SELL. Because many of them are SPOILED and eaten by Squirel, in Malay local word here call 'Basing'. 

When i opened the fresh, it is quite nice and sweet. I like the strong smells of it.. really good. 

I managed to take few photos of the durian from our farm. Next year, we will be more careful and take care of the trees.


This year, most of the durian was picked up by my brother who regularly visited and went down to see the fall durian from the trees. It is heavy and worth it.

Below the durian which are spoiled by Squirrel or 'Tupai' in local term....

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