Tuesday, 10 April 2012

April 2012- What we sell in market?

It had been a while that I have not updated my blog. To the reader out there, thanks your for being patience with me and for all your supportive comments and all then mail that had been posted to me, I really appreaciate all that and will try to assist and willing to help and answer your question if I can.

Routine life:
My mom go down to Market called "Pasar Tani Selayun". Normally, she will be so busy with my adopted brother to clean, arrange and ready the stall for the business. How will it look like??? And what do we sell here.......

Owner of the stall ... Boss the the Farm and my Beloved Mom

Tofu: BND 1 for 6  and Bean sprout: 1kg: BND1

All of the products above, vegetables is not neccessarily plant by us. We took it as wholesale and we re sell it to gain the profits. As time go by, I will continues upload the products we sell in the market as well as in Farm.

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