Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New farm Plantation

We had just started plant this tress. Guess? what trees is this?? Some who are familiar with farm products.. by looking at it, they already knows what trees is this and what is the species. Long ago.. we had lots of this trees in our farm but die off. The reason is because our workers wrongly mix the chemicals and the trees turn dry and eventually die off/

Ok.. this is a LIME trees.In Brunei local language is known as "LIMAU KAPAS." This is only part of it. Actually we had planted more than the above picture. And in other part of the land... we started new projects that is Papaya. Nowadays, in our farm... we plant more fruits rather than vegetables. The main reason is because FRUITS price is far more better compare to the vegetables. Frankly speaking, not all Bruneian like vegetables too but yet , it still depend on the type of the vege.

When the trees and bear fruits, I will snapped the trees and fruits again and re published here. Anyone still do not know what is lime. From the net.. i took this photo,

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