Friday, 23 April 2010

Benefit of Dragon fruit

To all the internet viewer and followers, I apologised for not updating my blog for a long time. Now, I am returned... When I back from Singapore, I am happy to see my uncle dragon fruits bear lots of fruits..

Hylocereus it has red skin and white flesh.
Hylocereus polyrhizus it has red skin and red flesh.
Selinecereus megalanthus it has yellow skin and
white flesh.

Yellow skin dragon fruit is not available in our farm...

Health Benefits:

**Dragon fruit help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 **diabetes. Dragon fruit prevent formation of cancer causing free **radicals.
**Dragon fruit helps moisturize and smoothen skin and decrease bad **cholesterol level.
**Dragon fruit helps improve appetite.
**Dragon fruit can enhance the body metabolism because of its
protein content.
**Dragon fruit helps improve digestion and reduce fat.
**Dragon fruit helps maintain the health of the eyes.
**Dragon fruit helps strengthen the bones and teeth.
**Dragon fruit helps in tissue development.
**Dragon fruit promotes healing of cuts and bruise.
**Dragon fruit helps improve memory.



  1. buah dragon ni amek msa bpa lma tuk b'buah??baja yang t'baik sllu pakai baja pa ya?

  2. Hi ANis.. sorry baru aware ni comment,,, kami pakai baja buah... yg khas .. liquid... dan depend tu cuaca nya bila berbuah... tapi dalam masa every 3 or 4 month dapat buah as long as di jaga dengan baik.


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