Saturday, 8 May 2010


I am surfing throughout the net looking for this fruit name. In Brunei, it is called "CIREMAI" .. Don't deceive by its outlook... looks delirious like grapes. But this fruit is sour. I had been surfing throughout the net, it had so many names...

In Indonesia: it is known as:
Careme, cerme (Sunda), cerme (Jawa). careme (Madura); Ceremoi (Aceh), cerme, ceramai, camin-camin (Sumatera).; Carmen, cermen (Bali), sarume (Bima). lumpias aoyok, tili; Lombituko bolaano, caramele, carameng (Sulawesi),; Ceremin (Ternate), selemele, selumelek (Roti).; Salmele, cermele (Timor).

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